The Athlete's Voice

Why We're Different

Sportsta is an interactive digital sports media platform connecting athletes and fans like never before.

We give athletes a platform to create and share their own unique sporting content like written articles, blogs, photos or videos and our team of expert sports journalists create engaging sporting content specific to our athlete contributors' interests for them to share with their fans on social media, giving them more of what they really want.

This means that athletes now have a platform that encourages and rewards them for creating unique content and gives their fans more of what they want to see from their favourite athletes on social media - so everyone wins.

Sportsta combines a traditional digital news publisher website with a social media network to create a unique platform for both athletes and their fans.

It’s a new dawn for how digital sports content is created, shared and consumed and we're at the forefront. Welcome to the Sportsta revolution.

Our Content

In addition to the unique content created by our athlete contributors, Sportsta's team of expert sports journalists creates high quality content that aligns to our athlete contributors' interests to give their fans the best of both worlds.

Sportsta TV is the new home of the hit TV series Australia's Greatest Athlete® and for the first time ever, all three seasons are available to stream free and on demand on all devices.

Our content currently focuses on these sports, with more being added soon.