If I was Israel Folau I would be giving Tevita Kuridrani a gob full.

Trailing by six in the 74th minute against a courageous Scottish team, Folau was wide open and would have easily scored the winning try untouched.

Luckily, history will still say that Kuridrani got the Wallabies home to keep their dream of winning a Grand Slam alive since 1984.

That 1984 team had many Wallaby legends in it including my good looking twin brother Mark who scored a try in each test.

Also in that team was David Campese.

Unlike with Folau and Kuridrani, when Mark called for the ball, a young David never hesitated to pass it to him because he knew he was in a better position to carry the ball forward and on many occasions score a try.

I will admit that this didn’t happen overnight because Campo had some opinion on his own ability, but he finally came to his senses as he knew that if Mark called for the ball, he really wanted it.

These are the little things that will make or break this current tour.

As I said in my last article, you can feel the mojo in this team that is building nicely and even though it took nearly 75 minutes to take the lead, they never thought they were going to lose.

I must confess that I didn’t expect the Scottish to play so well, but a mate of mine who is a Scot gave them a big chance of knocking over the Wallabies and for most of the game they looked the goods.

The Scots must be having nightmares as this is another game against the team from Down Under that they could and probably should have won.

You can clearly see that they struggled in the last quarter of the game as the Wallabies made a surge, even without Will Skelton who was sin-binned after a stupid infringement that could have cost his team a win.

Perhaps if the Scots had played a test match the week before to iron out their deficiencies and to condition themselves at test match levels, it might have been the difference.

The Wallabies made more of the basic errors than they did last week against Wales but that might be due to the defensive pressure put on them by the Scots.

I am sure the Wallabies are wanting to showcase their new additional skills from Mike Byrnes, like catching and passing under pressure, but when under extreme pressure put your head down and go forward. It is simple and effective.

You can also see that when they can get clean first phase ball, the backline can execute like the try to Reece Hodge which was a classic.

I have bagged Mr Larkham on occasions but the backline is starting to gather momentum at the right time, so once they get over France this weekend it will be flat out against Ireland and England.

It’s also good to see my mate Michael Cheika relaxed both in the coaching box and after the match giving interviews that are realistic of the game played.

This needs to happen whether he is winning or losing.

The game this weekend in Paris needs to be played at the same intensity as the last two because even though it won’t matter in terms of the Grand Slam, it still is a test match.

Cheika will be thinking, do I keep the starting team intact and keep the momentum going, then give the young inexperienced players some time off the bench?

Or do I go the other way and start with them, then bring the heavy artillery on if needed?

France had a comprehensive win over Samoa last weekend and as I have said before, they are the most unpredictable team in world rugby.

Plus, they are playing in front of their home crowd and would love nothing better than to beat a team ranked above them.

Hence this could be a tricky game for the Wallabies because if they lose it will take the wind out of their sail big time.

I am sure Cheika would have watched the English game against South Africa and as my mate Eddie stated after the game, it wasn’t that great and certainly not where they need to be at this stage.

I am sure both coaches are in that same position and will need another couple of matches to finely tune their teams.

This could potentially determine whether the Wallabies win or lose that elusive Grand Slam.

- Glen Ella, exclusively for Sportsta.

Glen Ella Contributor

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